COVID-19: A War Without Bombs – Webinar recording

Top right: Baldasarre Ferro and Lara Vegnuti;
bottom right: Jonathan Montomolli; left: Thomas Binder and Helmut Prosch

The exhausted looks of Lara, Baldo, and Jonathan speak for themselves. What they are experiencing at the moment can hardly be described in words. Endless shifts, sweating under protective gear while performing intubation, bronchoscopy, and tracheostomy. All under the threat of falling victim to the virus as well.

Yes, we truly understand what Baldo meant with: 

 “It seems we are at war—only without bombs”

The information that they provided about the disease was extremely valuable—and it was equally important to learn more about the role of lung ultrasound from Helmut Prosch.

If you missed out on the webinar from March 19, 2020, you still have the chance to see the recorded version among the growing compilation available on As of 2020-04-04, the webinar is offered in two parts:

  • “The Italian Experience”, and
  • Medical Lessons in COVID-19 Infections”

We will continue to provide education and support those who are at the battlefront.

Best, Thomas

Updated 2020-04-04 03:49 CEST (PP): new location, title, and split format of the recorded webinar.

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