How do I correctly remove my personal protective equipment?

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Wash hands and remove visible bodily fluids/blood contaminants on the outer surfaces on both hands • Wash hands, replace outer gloves with new gloves • Remove powered air-purifying respirator and self-priming filter-type full-face mask/mask (if used) • Wash hands • Remove disposable gowns along with outer gloves (if used) • Wash hands and put on outer gloves • Enter Removal Area • Wash hands and remove protective clothing along with outer gloves (for gloves and protective clothing, turn inside out, while rolling them down) (note: if used, remove the waterproof boot covers with clothing) • Wash hands • Wash hands and remove goggles • Wash hands and remove mask • Wash hands and remove cap • Wash hands and remove inner disposable latex gloves • Wash hands and leave Removal Area • Wash hands, take a shower, put on clean clothes and enter the clean area.