How do I intubate a patient with COVID-19?

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Self protection is of highest importance!!

The decision to intubate should be made early. Attempts of stabilizing patients using non-invasive ventilation (NIV) should not delay the time point of intubation when necessary. Try to avoid emergency intubations.

If possible, intubation should be performed by the most experienced team member.

  1. Self protection: Wear FFP3 mask, face shield, full head protection, (at least!) 2 pairs of gloves, surgical gown and water proof apron.
  2. Preparation: Standard monitoring, i.v. access, ETCO2 (if available), video laryngoscope, appropriate airway filters.
  3. Preoxygenation: 5 min. over tightly fitting mask. Avoid NIV (aerosols)
  4. Rapid sequence intubation: full relaxation of patient, use videolaryngoscope to reduce forming aerosols.