What ventilator settings should I use in intubated patients with COVID-19?

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In mechanically ventilated adults with COVID-19 and ARDS, it is recommend to use the following ventilator settings:

Tidal volumes: target low tidal volume (Vt) ventilation (Vt 4-8 mL/kg of predicted body weight).

PEEP: it is suggested to use a high-PEEP strategy in these patients (14-18 cm H2O), but be aware that high- PEEP (i.e. >10 cmH20) may also cause barotrauma!

FiO2: beginn with high FiO2 even at 100% for the first 24h, with improvement, lower progressively.

Plateu pressures: target pressures (Pplat) of < 30 cm H2O.

Note: In patients with COVID-19 oxygenation is more impaired than deoxygnation. Consider permissive hypercapnia. As long as hemodynamics are adequate, a pH of > 7.1 may be tolerable.