Why did we create Doc-19?

Dear Colleague

Doc-19, the webpage and not even the idea existed two weeks ago. It was created out of the box to help in the fight against COVID-19. After seeing what is happening in Italy, China and South Korea it became apparent that there is a need to spread knowledge to help doctors and health care professionals that are confronted with COVIND-19.

Through our online teaching initiatives with 123sonography.com (https://www.123sonography.com)  I am in contact with a huge global community of health care professionals and our inbox was overflowing with requests for education and questions related to the SARS-CoV2 virus.

Our Mission

We see our mission in this pandemic in connecting doctors to share their experience and mobilizing our community to spread knowledge. Among each other –  and from us to you. 

We already see a paramount of news, reports, statistics, articles and videos covering the topic of COVID-19. Clearly it is getting increasingly more difficult to “see the forest among the trees”.

What is our solution?

First, evidence based information is key. But, we it is equally important to find what we are looking for. This is why we choose a FAQ format.

On top we are looking for your support in spreading the news about us, providing your experience, images and asking questions. Possibly you will find someone from the community that can help you. In any case our team will research these questions and put them online

So let us defeat COVID-19 by using its own weapon – lets spread information viral!


Thomas Binder and the Doc-19 team

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  1. Dear Tommy!
    It’s a great idea. I’ve looked such platform. Your todays webinar was great too. Thanks a lot from Tarnow, Poland.

    Take care.


  2. Excellent idea. In my country I feel we are in disarray. Cases have just started rolling and there is a lot of scarcity in resources. As a third world country, we are not ready. But preventive measures throughout the country are irregular. some cities are totally quarantine and some have lax measures. Are there any guidelines set by experts on when and what measures should be imposed. How to manage food, medication, and water in quarantined individuals? Thanks for your social consciousness. Be safe.

    1. Where exactly are your from? Yes we are trying to create awareness and also teaching material for COVID. We are actually just in the process of filming a video dealing with the protection of HCP, hope to have it ready soon.